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Wright-Related Museums

These museums offer information on the Wright brothers. In most cases, their collections do not focus just on the Wright brothers; they also include other inventors and aviators.

Carillon Historical Park
An extremely important historical site -- The first practical airplane, the Wright Flyer III, is here. This is the airplane in which the Wrights learned to fly!

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
Includes on of the many Wright brothers' bicycle shops, their printing business, Huffman Prairie (where the Wrights did much of their flying), and two interpretive centers, one in West Dayton and the other on Wright Hill, close to Huffman Prairie.

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
The Wright brothers' home and bicycle shop, including many original furnishings and tools, were moved here by Henry Ford in the 1930s. Online information includes brief narratives on the Wright brothers family members, The Wright Brothers' printing and bicycle businesses; the invention of the airplane, a chronology of their life, and a short bibliography.

National Air & Space Museum
The NASM displays three Wright aircraft -- the 1903 Wright Flyer I, the 1909 Wright Military Flyer, and the 1911 "Vin Fiz." Each has a separate page on the NASM site, including a photo and specs.

National Museum of the United States Air Force
A vast collection of military airplanes and aviation hardware, including a replica of the 1909 Wright Military Flyer and an original (but heavily modified) Wright Model B.

Wright B Flyer, Inc.
Flies a Wright Model B look-alike made from modern materials affectionately known as the "Iron B."

Wright Brothers National Memorial
Built at the foot of Kill Devil Hill, where the Wright brothers first flew near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Includes an interpretive center, reconstructions of the Wright hangars and living quarters, and replicas of the 1903 Wright Flyer I and the 1902 Wright Glider.


Wright-Related Libraries and Archives

These libraries and archives offer information on the Wright brothers. They may not focus just on the Wright brothers; they often include other inventors and aviators.

American Memory/Library of Congress
Allows you to search original historical documents online. Includes many letters, diaries, and other writings from pioneer aviators, including the Wright Brothers.

Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library
Great online exhibition featuring some seldom-seen Wright Brothers photos, postcards, scrapbooks, and other materials. Lots to explore!

Wright State University Libraries
The Wright Brothers Collection at Paul Laurence Dunbar Library is one of the largest sources of Wright Brothers and early aviation information in the world, if not the largest. Furthermore, they are making a Herculean effort to make much of their collection available to students and scholars on the web. Start with their home page at: http://www.libraries.wright.edu/special/


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