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We have a selection     
of tunes that were     popular during the     
first days of aviation,    performed by Sue     
Keller, courtesy the     
 Ragtime Press:     

Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin 1911    

 Aviation Rag 
Mark Janza 1905    

 Maple Leaf Rag 
Scott Joplin 1899     

Scott Joplin 1909    

St. Louis Rag 
Tom Turpin 1903    

Waiting for the    
Robert E. Lee
Gilbert/Muir 1912    

  Available in Française, Español, Português, Deutsch, Россию, 中文, 日本, and others.

f you have a question or a comment about the Wright brothers, the invention of the airplane, or any other topic that has to do with pioneer aviation before the First World War, please write us.


Our email address is:

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Our mailing address is:

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company
P.O. Box 204
West Milton, Ohio  45383


Before you contact us, you may want to scan these answers to questions that we so often get from visitors.

Where is the museum and  what are your hours?
Should you want to visit us, that could be problematic. We are a virtual museum only. Although we have built (and flown) a good many Wright airplanes, as well as Wright bicycles, flight simulators, and exhibits, these are on display at other museums around the world. We can however, come to visit you. We have a "portable museum" of the Wright brothers that we bring to schools, libraries, and and special events. If you'd like to host us, see our Secret of Flight program in Exhibits & Programs.

Will you send information and brochures?
No, sorry. All the information we offer is on line, here on our web site. And there's a lot of it. Even if we had printed material to send, it would not be half as detailed or complete as you can find here. By the way, we too were students once and collected brochures so we could copy them to create short reports. Try The Wright Story – it may be just what you're looking for. You should also browse our Help With Homework section. Not only does this offer text you might plagiarize, we've also stashed some photos and drawings there as well.  Pay particular attention to the four concise informative pieces we have placed there for download. We designed these especially for students who are doing History Day projects, but they will also help with reports and term papers. They are:

Can we have permission to publish a photo?
We are not a clearing house for historic aviation photos. The 48 high-resolution historic images we have posted in Help With Homework are for "scholarly" use only -- school reports, term papers, History Day projects, and the like. Unless you want to publish one of the contemporary color photos that we have taken of our flight experiments, we cannot legally give you permission to publish old photos. However, you can download high-resolution images of  Wright brothers' photos from the Library of Congress. Since these are in the public domain, they may be used without permission. If these won't do, by far the next best source is the Special Archives and Collections at the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. They have an astounding collection of Wright brothers and pioneer aviation materials, their fees are reasonable, and they are both knowledgeable and helpful far beyond expectations.

In 1911 Earle Ovington, flying a Bleriot XI, delivered the first bag of air mail in the United States – 640 letters and 1280 postcards. Postmaster General Edward M. Morgan is at the extreme left.

When Cal Rodgers crossed the United States in the "Vin Fiz" in 1911, he sold and carried his own souvenir air mail.

Charley Furnas, who flew with the Wright brothers to become the first airplane passenger in 1908, was honored with this special air mail cancellation stamp in 1938.

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"Aviation is proof that – given the will – we can do the impossible."
 Eddie Rickenbacker



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