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We tell the story of the Wright brothers and the invention of the airplane to encourage young people to treasure their dreams and do the work necessary to achieve them. And to make this story come alive, we recreate the events of early aviation. To learn more about the WBAC and the thrilling things we do, click to download our PIREP.


The WBAC tours schools across the United States with a full-size Wright aircraft, a flight simulator, and four presentations designed around the national scholastic benchmarks in science, technology, math, and social studies. A great way to augment your STEM education initiatives. See the Secret of Flight School Tour.


While you're looking around, we have a selection of tunes that were popular during the first days of aviation, performed by Sue Keller, courtesy the Ragtime Press:


Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin 1911


Aviation Rag
Mark Janza 1905


Maple Leaf Rag
Scott Joplin 1899


Scott Joplin 1909


St. Louis Rag
Tom Turpin 1903


Waiting for the
Robert E. Lee
Gilbert/Muir 1912

Available in Française, Español, Português, Deutsch, Россию, 中文, 日本, and other languages, provided your browser has an enabled Flash plug-in.

elcome to the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company,  a virtual museum of pioneer aviation. If this is your first visit, read About the Museum to get your bearings and consult our Site Map for help in navigating this web site. If you need specific information on the Wright brothers or pioneer aviation, the Museum Index and Search the Museum can help you find it.

Our online exhibits are organized into several sections: 




As you can plainly tell, we're revamping the WBAC web site to make it more informative, easier to navigate, and more compatible with the newest browsers. Pages that are grayed out in navigation lists have been taken offline so we can revise them. We ask your patience while we're working; we'll get the info back online as soon as we can.


Oftentimes kind and generous people do wonderful things for us to keep our educational programs alive and vibrant. At this juncture, we're grateful to:


David Lightle and Wright Brothers USA for placing our airplanes in  Chinese aerospace museums where they will introduce Chinese youth to the Wright story.


If you have a question about the Wright brothers or pioneer aviation, or have something you'd like to share, please Contact Us.

Tales of the Wright brothers and the airplanes they flew. Includes a timeline of early aviation and aviators, from the inception of the fixed-wing airplane in 1799 to the days just before World War 1.
bullet The Wright Story
bullet A History of the Airplane
bullet Aviations Attic
Plans and instructions for hands-on aviation projects, aeronautical and archaeological experiments, close encounters with pioneer airplanes and virtual visits to the Wright places.
bullet Will & Orv's Workshop
bullet Return to Kitty Hawk
bullet The Virtual Hangar
bullet Expeditions
Wright airplanes that we bring to your school or museum, interactive demonstrations and programs that teach aviation science, technology, mathematics, and history.
bullet The Secret of Flight
bullet The Birth of Aviation Exhibition
bullet Do-It-Yourself Flyer
bullet Past Successes
Plans and blueprints of pioneer aircraft, books and posters on the Wright brothers and early aviation.
bullet Plans
bullet Publications
bullet The Big Stuff
Help with school assignments and History Day projects, sources of more information on aviation history, links to other web sites, and important facts about the Wright brothers.
bullet Wright Resources
bullet Help with Homework
bullet Just the Facts

Undecided where to look first? May we suggest:

bullet The Wright Catapult
NEW! An in-depth explanation of the Wright brother's catapult ― why it was invented, when it was first used, and how it worked. Includes an interactive 3D-PDF illustration of the catapult so you can explore it in detail.
bullet The Wright-Smithsonian Controversy
An in-depth look at an attempt to re-write aviation history and the events that almost lost the United States one of its most-prized national treasures.
bullet Wright Genealogy and Ancestry
We've greatly expanded our genealogy section, tracing the lineage of the Wright family all the way back to 1050 CE. We've also included short biographies of each of the Wright ancestors.
bullet Wright Airplanes
Updated and expanded!
The only place on the web where you can see ALL 19 types of aircraft that the Wright brothers produced!
bullet The Wright Timeline
An illustrated timeline that not only shows the history of the Wright brothers, but also the important scientific, political, and cultural events that loomed large in their lives.
bullet UFOs – Unbelievable Flying Objects
Over 60 of the most unusual pioneer aircraft that never flew. Proof positive that if God had intended for man to fly, he would have given him some common sense.
bullet Everything a Pilot Could Want
One of the very first mail-order catalogues for aviation-related doohickeys. You think Sporty's has cool stuff...

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"Aviation is proof that – given the will – we can do the impossible."
 Eddie Rickenbacker



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