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ur innovative educational programs have earned acclaim from many quarters. Several times the Ohio State Legislature has praised our members or our organization for our efforts to preserve aviation history and educate young people. The Affiliate Societies (an organization of science and engineering institutions)  gave our director, Nick Engler, a special award for his innovation in science education. One of our pilots, Connie Tobias, was recognized by the National Aeronautic Association for her efforts to inspire young people. After we built and flew the 1902 Wright Glider that is the center of our Secret of Flight program, every single one of the students who helped build it received a commendation from the State of Ohio.

More to the point, we’ve been complimented by every school and institution we’ve visited. Here are what a few educators have had to say:

"The school was truly abuzz with word of your visit and marvelous Wright brothers glider replica."

Suzanne Weichselbaum,
Laison for Greenhill School
Dallas, Texas

"Teachers, students, and administrators are still raving about the program.”

Susan Smith, Director
Challenger Learning Center
Brownsburg, Indiana

"Your rapport with the children was 'magical.'"

Susan Coleman, Chairman
Indian Creek School
Crownsville, Maryland

"I had no idea how much you touched the lives of our students until I read through their notes to you."

Sheila Faulkner,
Fifth Grade Teacher
Sugar Grove School
Frederick, Ohio

The best commendations, however, come from the kids themselves. We’ve received hundreds of letters and e-mails written under the watchful eye of a teacher, telling us that we have really cool stuff (true) and that they never knew the Wright brothers covered their airplanes with women’s underwear (not quite true - they used a cotton weave that was favored for undergarments). But our favorite letters all say something like this:

"I would like to learn even more now."

Kathleen Heit,
Fourth Grade Student
Indian Creek School
Crownsville, Maryland

Wants to fly the Raptor.

Dad leaned something, too.

What would the Wright brothers think?

Wrights rule.

A Proclamation from the State of Ohio.

A teacher's observations.

A letter from the Wright Family.

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"Aviation is proof that – given the will – we can do the impossible."
 Eddie Rickenbacker



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