Together At Last

In the years after they invented and perfected the airplane, the Wright brothers promised their father they would not fly together. He told them that if there was an accident and he lost both of them at once, he could not bear it. They respected his wishes. However,  he relented on May 25, 1910 so that Orv and Will could fly together over Huffman Prairie just once.  They circled the field for 6 minutes with Orville as the pilot and Wilbur as the passenger. That same day, Orville took his father aloft. Expecting that the Bishop would be nervous about flying, he was surprised when his father leaned over and yelled in his ear so as to be heard above the roar of the engine, "Higher, Orville. Higher!"

Bishop Milton Wright flying with Orville on May 25, 1910.

A view of Huffman Prairie in 1910 through the tail of a
Wright Flyer, as it must have looked to the Bishop
during his flight.

Wright Brothers Fly Together